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Rabbinic Cabinet

Rabbis are more than just spiritual leaders. They are educators, counselors, speakers, organizers, fundraisers and conveners of community. They work in synagogues, schools, universities, hospitals and long-term care facilities, and they are committed to building and supporting a thriving Jewish community in the world around them. Nurturing the relationship between rabbis, synagogues and Federations is as logical as it is critical.


The Rabbinic Cabinet helps rabbis cultivate excellent working relationships with their local Federation, promoting learning and skill-sharing and creating a collaborative atmosphere for debate, discussion and the formation of new ideas which enhance the local Jewish community. Rabbis also help ensure that Jewish values remain at the forefront of Federation strategy and decision-making.

Taking Action

The Rabbinic Cabinet provides support and learning opportunities to rabbis all over North America, regardless of their religious stream.  With a board and officers in place, we provide valuable resources to every community, from a weekly dvar torah series, family prayers for the holidays, "The Orchard" sermonic compendium published prior to the High Holidays and Passover, to updates on Federation programming and priorities.

The cabinet organizes an annual mission to Israel and Europe specifically tailored for rabbis to see the incredible work of Federation and our partner agencies. They also convene a national UN lobby day in New York and an annual meeting at the JFNA General Assembly to learn together and share best practices as a continental community.  

To learn more about the Rabbinic Cabinet, please email us.  To get involved on a local level, find your community.