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Federation Impact

Jess and Emet: Coming Out From Jerusalem

Jessica was in search of something. Just what that was, she wasn’t sure. She was comfortable in her queer identity but didn't know how Judaism played into it. And while she didn’t grow up religious, a Federation-supported post-college Taglit-Birthright Israel trip woke up something Jewis…

Repairing the World, One Farm at a Time

Mudin Makaria, a small farmer in Ethiopia, has struggled to make his crops grow. His land is desert-like; sandy, mineral poor and far from an adequate water supply. It’s been a challenge to feed and support his wife and seven children. Like all of the farmers in his community, he doesn’t …

Rebuilding a Family and a Future

Judith never expected retirement to be so much work.

When the widowed 67-year-old was awarded custody of her five teenage grandchildren, she needed to support them—financially and emotionally.

She soon realized she couldn’t do it alone. "I needed a support group that was big enough t…

One Summer to Change Everything


Defeated. Beaten down. Every day was the same for David*. Bullies relentlessly abused the 13-year-old, who has disabilities. In the halls of middle school and in the streets of his neighborhood—living in a small town meant there was no place he could escape his tormentors.

School administ…

Happy Chanukah!

Making a better world takes the right ingredients. Wishing you a happy Chanukah!