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National Young Leadership Cabinet



You’re young. Smart. Successful.

But you want something more.

Something that goes beyond career.

Encompasses more than family.

You are a change maker.

And your goal — is to lead the change

you want to see in the world.

That’s why there’s Cabinet. Cabinet is Jewish Federations’ elite leadership-training program for people ages 30-45. It attracts the best and the brightest. The savvy and sophisticated. Young, successful, business and philanthropic-minded Jewish professionals. Individuals seeking to enrich their lives and the Jewish community by becoming leaders within a global philanthropic movement.

Because the world doesn’t repair itself. It takes leadership.

So how do you acquire the leadership skills you need to achieve your goals? Cabinet has a curriculum that’s aligned with your advancement. Each year builds on the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired during the previous one and takes you to the next level in your training.

In addition, you’re able to enrich and strengthen your development on a global level, through premiere travel experiences that include hands-on service opportunities, meeting with local and national leaders and engaging with the people who our work impacts.

Cabinet is the only Jewish leadership program where members are not only taught the skills they need to be successful but are given the chance to put those skills into action. In fact, Cabinet is the primary pipeline for leadership across major Jewish organizations. Members often go on to long-term senior level leadership at both the local and national levels, within Federation and throughout the Jewish world.



Learn more about Cabinet's professional teamVision, Mission and Values, review our Member's Manual and review our annual report.

To become a member of Cabinet, please apply here. If you are a Federation professional interested in nominating a candidate, please use this form. Contact with any questions.



people are alumni of National Young Leadership Cabinet, many of them today’s top Jewish leaders.


is raised each year by the current members of National Young Leadership Cabinet.

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