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Helping Holocaust Survivors

For years, the Jewish Federations have made taking care of Holocaust survivors a key priority, enabling them to live the final years of their lives with dignity and respect.

Community at Risk

Of the 100,000 to 130,000 Holocaust survivors in the United States, nearly one quarter are age 85 or older, and one in four lives in poverty. As a group they are at risk for depression, social isolation, declining health and problems associated with institutionalization, which can trigger traumatic memories of wartime experiences.

With local agencies and Claims Conference funding at capacity, the Jewish Federations are anticipating a surge in requests for services including home healthcare, counseling, transportation, socialization, nutrition and emergency assistance.

Supporting the Survivors


In 2015, JFNA launched the Center for Advancing Holocaust Survivor Care, to advance innovations in person-centered, trauma-informed supportive services for Holocaust survivors. 


Additionally, Jewish Federations initiated a $45 million fundraising campaign to help communities meet their needs and provide the required match to the federal program.


Learn how you can help a survivor in need with a donation to the Fund for Holocaust Survivors.


To find out more, please contact Shelley Rood Wernick



Helping a Survivor with Disabilities

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